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How I Pivoted My Career from Education to Tech

An Interview with Kamala

Work In Tech Indonesia Graduate - Batch 1

Despite graduating with a Mathematics Education background, I realised that a career in IT would be of increasing importance to understand today’s IT world and that of the future. COVID-19 has shown the scale and speed at which our interactions are moving online. This is why I changed paths and joined the Work In Tech training programme by Plan Indonesia and INCO Academy.

To be part of a programme supported by meant that I’d receive an industry-recognised education that would sharpen my understanding and skills in IT. The programme goes beyond IT, and it was a personal highlight to be able to develop my soft skills and take additional classes in areas like digital marketing and web development. After completing the series, I was able to receive a certificate which I now showcase proudly. The fact that all of this can be learned for free makes me happy and grateful to have found the programme.

And, since joining, I’ve felt a change in myself. Before, I was shy and unconfident with the work I produced. But now, I recognise everything that I can contribute; now I have more confidence. It’s even been recognised too! I was a winner of the ‘Best CVs’ and ‘Personal Branding’ competitions. I am very proud of these achievements and my parents are too!

After graduating from the Work in Tech programme, Alhamdulillah [Praise be to God], I received a call for an internship at Stats Me (PT Cemerlang Statistika Indonesia) in the IT Support Admin & Finance section. I’m in my third week and have been well received by Stats Me employees. I can’t wait to use this opportunity to work and continue to develop my soft skills.

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