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How I Became An Entrepreneur with Tech Skills

An Interview with Adi

Work In Tech Graduate - Batch 2

I graduated with a Bachelors’ in Animal Husbandry in 2019 just before the pandemic hit. But by the time I entered the workforce in 2020, I was confronted with a new reality. Working amidst the threat of infection, adapting to a new rhythm of life and losing a family member to COVID-19 was not easy. I started running a home-based chicken farm but suffered from fraud and was forced back into unemployment. I had a quarter life crisis because of it.

In mid-2021 though, I chose to focus on increasing my knowledge in the field of technology. I've always enjoyed tinkering with technology, be it software or hardware, and with life increasingly digital or online, understanding how technology and information works, would help prepare me to compete in the workforce.

I started teaching myself through YouTube and Discord, and looked into studying despite not having the facilities, infrastructure, or time. And, in early 2022, I decided to join the Work in Tech Indonesia training programme implemented by INCO Academy together with Plan Indonesia. While looking for work and running a business, I was able to complete the Coursera certificate in two months.

In the process, I faced several obstacles. For example, dealing with material that is quite difficult to understand if it is not practised directly. However, I was able to overcome this by looking at other sources, such as YouTube, the Discord community, and also undergoing weekly mentoring from the Work in Tech Indonesia team. I would also remind myself of the original reason why I enrolled in the training, and remembered that I had a responsibility to make my family happy.

I am happy to say that I’m a Work in Tech Indonesia graduate. I never thought I would be able to learn IT Support for free. In the past, I had wanted to study IT, but did not pass the test. Then, the cost of studying the IT field through formal education was unaffordable. Maybe, it cost tens of millions [rupiah] to formally learn IT. So, I am happy to be able to participate in this programme for free.

Now, I have a new job in digital marketing! While it is not directly related to IT Support, I was able to achieve this by practising the soft skills I got from the Work in Tech Indonesia training. I also intend to continue applying the technology and information related knowledge that I obtained from this programme to achieve my goals in native chicken farming. I am sure that in the future the livestock

sector will collaborate with the IT sector to carry out its operations.

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