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How I Became A Web Developer

Interview with Anggi

Work In Tech Indonesia Graduate

My name is Anggi and I’m a Work In Tech Indonesia graduate currently working as a web developer in the programmer division.

I’ve always wanted to have a career in IT. The IT field has been dominated by males, but I’m motivated to prove that although I am a woman, I can also compete and thrive with a career in IT.

The Work In Tech Indonesia programme has given me the opportunity to increase my skills so that I can seize career opportunities in IT. Because of Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate, I’ve been able to deepen my hard skills and refine my soft skills. I’ve also gained many friends and mentors

who did not hesitate to share their knowledge, who built upon my previous knowledge and motivated me to keep learning.

While attending the training, I encountered a few problems. When it came to doing tests and qwiklabs in each module, opportunities to showcase my understanding, sometimes I did not reach the minimum 80% grade. I’d have to redo the material until I could fully comprehend the content so that I could pass. But this process was valuable, as now I continue to increase my knowledge by searching for references.

Immediately after completing the Work in Tech Indonesia training programme, I found employment in the programmer division as a web developer. Every day, I apply the knowledge I gained during the training, both hard skills and soft skills, in my new job.

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