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How I Took My First Steps Towards A Career in Cybersecurity

Interview with Kevin

Work In Tech Graduate

My name is Kevin and I am an engineering major graduate. Currently, I work as a programmer and a 3D modelling freelancer.

My interest in the world of technology began after realising how technology has made human’s jobs easier. It has turned a fantasy world into a reality (through modelling) with the world now more advanced and developed. If someone is unable or does not have IT skills, they may be left behind.

Because of this, I joined the Work In Tech Indonesia programme. I wanted to be able to gain experience and expertise, and to connect to networks - each key to the opportunities offered as part of the course.

I’ve loved learning new things through this programme. Even though I experienced connectivity problems and was juggling the course with my schedule, I was able to find balance and finished the programme after a few weeks.

Due to the support of Work in Tech Indonesia , I found employment as a programmer, a job I really enjoy. I help users solve software, hardware and network problems relating to databases. I also help users upgrade their computers, perform troubleshoots and provide directions on prevention steps and solutions for users. Everything I learned as part of the IT Support Certificate program.

After the training, I want to continue to deepen my knowledge in the IT security field specifically. It’s new knowledge I’ve gained and I want to continue sharpening it. I am grateful to have participated in a course that has now given me a more complete profile.

For those who want to become a graduate, prepare mentally and be enthusiastic so you can finish the course and take your next career step too!

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